1. Tungurahua.

  2. Volcán Tungurahua (Baños, Ecuador)


  3. Anonymous said: I am thinking about stealing your "quito to coca" picture and writing "Not all who wander are lost" over it and then re-posting it as my own. xoxox -Nate

    only if you take a worthy picture in the Netherlands for me to appropriate. miss you! hope it’s good over there.

  4. Quito to Coca (gracegockel)


  5. ammemoon said: :) gotten any film developed yet?

    no…. not sure where to go or who will do it right. I convinced myself that it would be fun to develop it all at once in December.

  6. Casa de Cecilia hostal, Mindo, Ecuador

  7. Mindo, Ecuador.

  8. Amazonian rainforest.

  9. Amazonian rainforest.

  10. Amazonian rainforest