1. look at this color scheme. who am I??

    anyway, there’s free shipping for everywhere!

    also $10 off duvet covers if you’re into that (if you use this link) Some of mine look weird.

    as always lemme know if you want me to make a listing for something that’s not up yet :)

  2. photographersdirectory:

    I am 20-year-old photographer from the US, studying art in the prairie. I shoot almost exclusively on film, and almost as exclusively for fun. Recently I received a grant to travel the state of Wisconsin to photograph folk art environments. My favorite subject is the natural world, because it does not shy away from the camera.

    Pictured: Moraine Lake

    main blog: gracegockel.com
    folk art environments: gracegockel-venture.tumblr.com
    shop: society6.com/gracegockel
    flickr: flickr.com/photos/gracegockel

  3. tearingdowndoors:

    Film Photography Submission By: Grace Wyche

    Sauna dock

    Olympus OM-1n, 200 Kodak Gold


    (via gracegockel)

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  9. wedding (gracegockel)

  10. wedding (gracegockel)